LwICT – New Teachers session

Oct. 27th. / 09

VJH – Upstairs Lab

1. Welcome and Introductions – Bill and Special Guest...John Finch- Project Leader LwICT
2. Setting the Stage: – Video- Bill ("21st Century Pedagogy" -Greg Whitby)
3. Activating Strategy: Personal background surveys (pedagogy and skills) – (Brenda-Devon) Survey link to teachers prior to.
4. Introduce Continuum and Snapshots: - Mark
5. Lesson Improvement Process: Devon, Lori, Laura
LUNCHBREAK: 12:00 noon to 12:45 p.m.
6. Group Sharing: Devon, Lori, Laura
7. Assessment: reporting to parents (Holly)
8. Chalk Talk Activity: LwICT and: (Lori, Devon and Laura)

Phys Ed
Language Instruction

9. Exit Slip: 3-2-1 Strategy - Devon

Shift Happens 4