Welcome to the Math Wiki. Members of our team are:

Lesya Oldcorn loldcorn@flbsd.mb.ca
Rochelle Porath rporath@flbsd.mb.ca
Courtney Forsyth cforsyth@flbsd.mb.ca
Mark Wakely mwakely@flbsd.mb.ca
Richard Lochhead RLochhead@flbsd.mb.ca
Tracy Thompson TThompson@flbsd.mb.ca
Mark Keown MKeown@flbsd.mb.ca

and Katrinka Johnson kjohnson@flbsd.mb.ca

Are meeting dates are set for:

Monday November 22 pm at RCI. Rochelle will show us their new clickers and perhaps a bit on using Math Tools.
Thursday February 24th am at VCI.
Monday April 25th all day at Elkhorn.

Thank-you very much Rochelle for presenting to us on November 22. It was exciting learning about how to use the Clickers, much easier than I thought! Thanks also for showing us the Math Tools. It was a fun afternoon! Katrinka