Skype in the Classroom - April 20th/10

Download Skype

How to get going...
Around the World with Skype A good video on how to get started using Skype in your classroom.

LwICT Wiki Page on Skype John Evan's Skype links on the LwICT wiki

50 ways to use Skype in the classroom

News Articles/Blog links
It takes leadership to get creative in schools and support the use of skype Wes Fryers is a ed tech consultant who writes here about the use of Skype in the classroom.

Skype gives students window on the world

A Skype Odyssey

A list of Skype Jobs for students.

Make a Skype Connection
Around the world with 80 schools: Florida school district seeks to connect with 80 schools around the globe.
Skype in UK authors
Skype in US authors
11 different ways to use web conferencing on the internet



Create your own blog...

Blogger a free blog service is designed for elementary and middle school teachers who want to provide each student with
their own, unique blog. another free blog service
How to create a blog with Blogger
"Blogs in Plain English"

How Teachers use blogs...

"Death March" - Video Blog by Resource teacher explaining the IEP process in his division.
"Our New House" - Bill's blog chronicals the stages and phases of building a new family home.
"Golden Bear Principal Blog" Rob Tomlinson keeps the VCI community updated weekly
OLCS Kindergarten Blog Devon Caldwell and her kindergarten students use it as an online diary to
document their class mascot's adventures
2, 4, 6, 8, Meet Me at the Garden Gate Alberta Kindergarten teacher's excellent example of a blog
as an online journal and web page
OLCS World Historyblog This Grades 7/8 class uses blogging to share "history happening today"
and a log of classroom activities.
Blogging in High School Chris Harbeck's blog includes links to a variety of high school blogs.
A Difference: Darren Kurowpatwa's blog...with links to lots of HS math and science blogs/wikis
The Bosse Blog: Bill has created a new blog here it touch on new developments in the Ed Tech Department of FLB


Create Your own Wiki...

Wikispaces a free wiki service
PBWorks another free wiki service
Wikis in Plain English

How Teachers use wikis...

OLCS Resource Wiki A compilation of links for resource programming at Oak Lake Community School--
still in the developmental stages!
LwICT Wiki A number of resources for wiki creation and use
BYTE 2010 Wiki: All presenters are using this wiki to link their presentational resources so that all conference participants can access.
Mr.DCam's wiki: A rural high school teacher uses his wiki to manage a myriad of course and curricular details

Movie Maker - Jan. 14th/09


10 educational uses for video

Cinema Forge - free video format converter

Microsoft Office 2007 (Nov 24/09)

University of Wisconsin:
Microsoft's Website resources:
The NewPaperClip:
Don Campbell's Blog:
MS Office 2007 Tips, Tricks and Tweaks Resources:
Kevin's Link:

Movie Maker April 15/09

Movie Maker handout2009.doc

Comic Life May 11/09

You Tube Video- Comic Life for Windows - Basic Software Use

Ideas for Comic Life.doc

1. Great Moments.pdf
2. Hatchet.pdf